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Windows File Associations in Wine UPDATE

So, my previous post showed how to manually update the registry to get Wine applications that launch other files to open them in Linux (so you don’t have to install Foxit for Windows to open a PDF that Evernote launches, for example).  Well, that was really clunky, so I made the following package that […]

Windows File Associations in Linux WINE

UPDATE: Easier version available here.

Normal readers can ignore the following tech geek asplosion…

I recently transitioned to Ubuntu from Windows and it’s been a pretty awesome journey.  For the most part, the native apps are great–OpenOffice.org (word processor), Firefox for Linux, Pidgin (instant messaging), etc.–but I’ve had to use one Windows application, Evernote, which I am running through the WINE abstraction layer.

Evernote 3.1 works great in Evernote (the new Evernote 3.5 beta will not work because it uses the .NET 3.5 Framework) save for some graphical glitches and the following technical issues:

  • no easy way to open attachments (.doc ; .pdf ; etc)
  • no file drag and drop for attachments

Today I’m going to deal with the first problem…

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