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Welcome! I am Jason Nguyen, a graduate student in ethnomusicology at Indiana University, Bloomington, and this blog is where I make observations about music, culture, and academic life.

Essential WordPress Plugins / Themes

Whenever I put together a new WordPress blog, or clean up a pre-existing one, there are a number of plugins that I always make sure are added or which I make sure to keep following the purge. This is the list, as much for my own records as it is for any passerby looking for a second opinion.

[an in-progress list]

  • spam filter: Akismet [usually comes with WordPress]
  • Photo lightbox plugin:
  • Social media plugins (Facebook, Twitter):
    • Facebook meta tag generation:
  • stats:
  • mobile site:
Here at GeekISP (my provider), I’ve also made up my own plugins for fixing the email sending.
  • geekisp email send fix
And for my blogs that are a bit more academic minded, there are a few essential plugins.
  • footnotes
Finally, most of my sites are made from semi-scratch, insofar as I code much of the HTML and CSS myself, but there are a few preferred base themes:

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