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Clipperz and Other Password Management Options

Clipperz LogoIf you’ve kept up with web news, then you might have heard about the hack of the Gawker website, which exposed a ton of user’s password information to unsavory elements.  Such an isolated incident wouldn’t be a big deal–except people tend to use the same password everywhere.  We’ve all done it.  You might be using the same password for your sensitive email as your Facebook.  It’s convenient, and with so many web services and applications to work with, it is impractical to have a unique one for each site.  On top of that, those folks working on corporate or otherwise sensitive sites might be used to changing your password every month or so.  How to be secure while not creating a hassle?

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Ultra-Thin laptop comparisons

Asus UL30A

Asus UL30A

Update 2010-12-27: Added optical drive comparison.  Also listed a few other laptops that might be worth looking at, the Toshiba Portege line and the HP DM3T (neither added to the table though).

I’ve been thinking about buying a new ultra-thin laptop to replace my netbook (if I see a good deal I might do it soon, but I’m not in a rush).  I love my Asus 1201HA netbook — for $400, I got a solid, lightweight machine that runs for 8 hours at a time — but ultimately, it’s still a netbook.  Netbooks run on energy-efficient but slower processors (like the Intel Atom) and sometimes can’t handle the multi-tasking workload of the modern scholar (or the modern anything).

New netbooks (like Asus’ dual-Atom 1215 netbook) are doing way better, and straddle the line between netbooks and notebooks even more, but they are starting to converge with “ultrathin” laptops, so I’ve been looking in that direction instead.  Why not go for a full Intel Dual Core or equivalent for a similar price?

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